Render of subsea pig tracking technology in operation on the seafloor

Pig Tracking

Detect stationary and moving pigs with our developed, tested, and field-proven pig tracking system.

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Frequent pigging of pipeline networks requires control of pig location to avoid collision in pipeline Y-connections. To avoid using radioactive pig-tracking systems, we developed a magnetic pig position and passage sensor. This system can be used both for RFO/commissioning pigging and operational pigging.

Our magnetic pig tracking system is developed, tested, and field proven.


  • Detects stationary and moving pigs
  • Reliable detection; no error-prone calibration necessary
  • Magnetic pig detection; nonintrusive design as preferred for subsea pipeline systems and possible to retrofit
  • Avoids radioactive isotopes, reducing handling costs and eliminating HSE issues
  • Robust and reliable technology qualified for permanent subsea use

Product options

  • Subsea pig detector
    • Permanently installed; for hardwired connection to subsea or topside control systems
    • Permanently or temporarily installed; battery-powered by portable ROV display unit. May be used for ROV-assisted pigging operations
    • Portable detector with integrated display; for detection of stuck pigs
  • Topside pig detector
    • Permanently installed; for hardwired connection to topside control system. Intrinsically safe (Ex(i) certified)
    • Portable pig detector; for manual localization of pigs in pipe/launcher/receiver. Intrinsically safe (Ex(i) certified)
  • Topside/subsea pig position indicator
    • For linear position indication of pig; for applications where pig position accuracy is crucial
  • Magnetic Subsea Pig Tracking System Flyer

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