Pipe-Handling Automation

Reliability through safe, consistent, and fast operations


Rig Cadence

Using predefined benchmarks and thresholds, Rig Cadence can detect deviations from crew and machine performance early in the process - and provide corrective solutions to fix the issues. It offers real-time onshore monitoring, analysis, and customized reporting of pipe-handling operations—including tripping in, tripping out, and drilling connections.

Tally Master

Improve your rig’s automation efficiency and eliminate the need for manually measuring and tracking tubulars in a physical tally book. Tally Master stores and maintains accurate tubular data by tracking the location and positioning of horizontal and vertical tubulars around the drill floor and in the well. The Tally Master platform also allows the user to track and store tubular data such as length, diameter, and description while knowing exactly where specific tubular sections are in the well.

Multi Machine Control (MMC)

Multi Machine Control (MMC) offers full automation of the pipe tripping and stand building processes for drill pipe and casing. By letting MMC control the machines, the operator can focus fully on the process and surrounding operations. As a result, both safety and efficiency of the operations are improved while the operator controls the overall speed and execution.

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