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Upgraded pipe handling on a jackup rig

Pipe Handling Systems

As the industry’s leading provider of horizontal and vertical pipe-handling and racking systems, we deliver turnkey solutions and upgrades for traditional, mechanized, and fully automated drill floors.

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We are evolving pipe-handling systems every step of the way. From drill pipe and drill collars to bottomhole assembly (BHA), casing, and marine risers, our pipe-handling tools and systems can manipulate and connect any type of tubular on land or offshore.

Land rig applications

For the land rig market, we provide horizontal and vertical pipe handling with our series of PipeCat catwalk machines and the stand transfer vehicle (STV). Catwalk machines are designed to deliver tubulars to the drill floor, and the STV racks tubulars between the fingerboard area and well center. Both tools are designed to remove people from dangerous areas and provide remote control of the operation.

Offshore vertical pipe-handling equipment

Parallel-column pipe-racking systems represent the next generation of automated pipe-racking systems. These machines provide the most flexible pipe racking configurations and capacities in the industry and can be integrated into new builds or retrofitted to existing rigs in applications ranging from large jackups to deepwater drillships and semi-submersibles.

Offshore horizontal pipe-handling equipment

Our family of pipe-handling systems consists of several options, varying from simple belt conveyors to semiautomatic pipe-handling cranes. We offer the safest and most efficient means for pipe and riser handling on static or dynamic drilling rigs. We also design and manufacture customized pipe-handling systems based on clients' needs and requirements.

Offshore horizontal-to-vertical pipe-handling equipment

Our horizontal-to-vertical (HTV) machines are designed to deliver singles from the catwalk position to the vertical position above a mousehole for stand-building operations. Once a stand is built, the vertical pipe racker on the drill floor unloads the stands and either takes them directly to the well center or stores them in the pipe-racking board fingers.

Offshore pipe-handling cranes

The main function of the pipe-handling crane is to transport tubulars between the pipe deck and the catwalk using a purpose-built pipe gripper yoke. The crane may also be used for other lift operations such as moving bulk equipment and containers, either by using slings from the pipe-gripper yoke or attaching the optional chain sling with a hook to the boom tip.

  • Stand Transfer Vehicle (STV) Brochure
  • Stand Transfer Vehicle (STV) and PipeCat Spec Sheet
  • PipeCat FX Flyer
  • Peck-o-Matic Bucking Units Flyer
  • Catwalk Machines – Tubulars and Riser Spec Sheet
  • Catwalk Machines – Tubulars Spec Sheet
  • HTV VDM PLS-5 PLS-7 Spec Sheet

    Technical Specifications for Horizontal-To-Vertical Pipe Handling

  • Mousehole Hoist MHH-3 Spec Sheet
  • Parallel Racking Pipe Handling Spec Sheet
  • Pipe Handling Cranes Spec Sheet
  • UHT 1200 and Drill Floor Manipulator Arms DFMA Spec Sheet

    Technical Specifications for Robotic Arms

  • Service and Access Baskets Spec Sheet
  • Stabber Arms Spec Sheet
  • X-Y Racking Pipe Handling Spec Sheet
  • Onshore Product Reference Guide

    A technical look at our onshore rig equipment product portfolio

  • Offshore Product Reference Guide

    A technical look at our offshore rig equipment product portfolio

Pipe Handling for Land Rigs

We’ve tailored our pipe-handling solutions on land to be flexible and easy to learn, giving your crew the uptime and reliability they need while removing people from the drill floor and fingerboards.

STV installed on an AC land drilling rig
Remove personnel from the fingerboard
Remote control operation of land rig catwalk machine on AC Ideal Rig
Remote operation available
Pipe Handling Systems PipeCat FX Catwalk System
Large tubular range
STV Control station on a land drilling rig
Better communication
Stand Transfer Vehicle installed in the fingerboard
Intuitive controls

Offshore Pipe Handling

Widely recognized as the leader in automated pipe-handling solutions, we are at the leading edge of product development and technology deployment for offshore drilling rigs. We also provide a variety of pipe-handling upgrades that can help bring your rig back into the conversation in today’s competitive market.

Offshore catwalk machine on the Noble Bob Douglas drillship
Catwalk machines
Hydraracker gripper arm on an offshore drilling platform
Gripper arms
Upgraded pipe handling on a jackup rig
Rig upgrades
Service Access basket and casting stabbing basket on an offshore drilling platform in the North Sea
Personnel baskets
Hydraracker gripper arm on an offshore drillship drilling rig
Hydraracker IV
Horizontal to vertical machine on an offshore drilling rig with mousehole
HTV machines
PRS column racker upgrade on an offshore jackup drilling rig
Column rackers
Drillfloor manipulator arm (robotic arm) on an offshore drilling rig
Robotic drill-floor arms

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