Pipe Protection Accessories

Keep your tubulars secure during storage and transportation.


Separating, stabilizing, and securing your tubulars

In addition to the comprehensive range of thread protection products at Tuboscope MSI’s Pipe Protection Technologies, we also offer bumper rings and pipe chocks as complementary pipe protection accessories. Our SpiraGuard bumper rings assist in damage prevention by eliminating contact friction often caused by multiple joints of unseparated pipe in storage or transit. Pipe chocks are used to stabilize tubulars both in yard storage and in transportation. Additionally, plastic pipe chocks produced from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) offer a better solution and a longer lifespan over wooden alternatives that are subjected to a higher rate of damage from elements and are more difficult to install and remove.

SpiraGuard features and benefits

  • Separates pipe during transportation, handling, and storage
  • Helps avoid outer surface contact between multiple tubulars
  • Flexible and durable
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Available in custom colors; additional fees may apply

SpiraGuard applications

  • Standard sizes of 23/8 to 36 in.
  • Can accommodate custom sizes

Pipe chock features and benefits

  • Secures pipe during storage and transportation
  • Certain styles include nails
  • Made from HDPE
  • Available in high-visibility colors
  • Available in custom colors; additional fees may apply

Pipe chock applications

  • 4½ to 8 in. chock sizes
orange pipe chock on pipe
orange and red pipe chocks
black bumper ring on pipe
black bumper rings overhead flat view

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