Pit Suction Strainer Assemblies

Our pit suction strainer assemblies enable safe and efficient fluids transfer.


NOV Cellar Tech pit suction assemblies can be used as a safe and efficient way to unload earthen pits and impoundments of fluids for proper disposal.

The pit suction strainer assemblies help reduce risks and increase efficiency of pit fluid disposal compared with traditional methods. The pit suction strainer assembly welds to the earthen pit’s liner and channels fluids to a remote collection point. Workers do not need to approach the earthen pit or enter the fenced area. Vacuum trucks safely connect to the discharge point, which can be piped to any spot on the pad. This keeps workers, vehicles, and equipment safely away from the earthen pits. Proper fencing can then be installed with controlled access, keeping workers and wildlife out.

The reusable, 100-bpm-capacity pit suction assembly has zero electrical conductivity and a low vortex tendency. With a depth gauge for easy fluid level monitoring, processes can be set up to enable nearly 100% of fluids to be removed spill-free.

Features of NOV Cellar Tech pit suction assemblies include:

  • 100-bpm capacity
  • Processes available for 100% spill-free removal of fluids
  • Low vortex tendency
  • Reusable
  • Enables nearly 100% fluids removal
  • Zero electrical conductivity
  • Depth gauge for easy monitoring of earthen pit fluid levels