PJ Series Jack-up

Versatile Mobile Production Solution


The deeper water capabilities of current jack-up technology open up new areas that traditionally have not seen production based on a MOPU. Since the early 2000s, the GustoMSC CJ70 design platforms are operating in up to 150m in the harsh conditions offshore Norway. It has been well proven that this technology is fully reliable, also in the MOPU role as shown by the Maersk Inspirer.

Based on our experience, we are now introducing a dedicated series of Production Jack-ups, or PJ series. Based on its proven and successful CJ series, it offers shallow water depth solutions to deep water applications of up to 150m in harsh environments and optional NORSOK compliance.


  • Unrivalled overall structural capability
  • Production equipment and variable load of up to 18,000 t
  • Sturdy leg bracing system
  • Large available deck area
  • Based on proven and successful CJ series jack-ups
  • Possibility to combine production with drilling facilities
  • Solutions combined with subsea storage available
  • The PJ series is fully customized to owner’s specific requirements
PJ SERIES Maersk Inspirer Jackup
PJ Series Maersk Inspirer Jack-up

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