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Submerged scum skimmer

Plasti-Fab Flow Moderation Products

Offering flow moderation products to fit your needs

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Plasti-Fab FRP Flow Moderation Products

  • Fiber Glass Systems Specialized and Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics
Floating decanter, with more decanters in the background

Floating Decanters

Plasti-Fab Composite Floating Decanter is ideal for applications that require a continuous and even draw.

Key Features

  • Composite fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) corrosion resistant design
  • Built in Baffle to eliminate surface solids
  • No need to determine settled sludge level
  • Consistent withdrawal rate
  • No electrical components to maintain and replace
  • No mechanical components in contact with fluid
  • 4” or 6” diameter submerged orifices to accommodate flows from 60 to 524 GPM
Single scum skimmer on a stand, in a facility

Scum Skimmers

The FRP Rotating Scum Skimmer is designed for rectangular basins. Typical sizes range from 6 ft. to 20 ft. in length, and 6 inches to 18 inches in diameter. Most are manually operated with a lever arm. A handwheel or electric operator are available options. Normal maintenance consists of routine plant wash down. Typical applications include: grease and scum in primary basins; surface oil in oil/water separators; foam and process debris in industrial basins; by product decant in certain industrial separation basins; and/or the removal of leaves and other floating organic debris in water plant sedimentation and chlorination basins.

Key Features

  • Low Maintenance, requires only a periodic wash down
  • No initial or continuous priming, painting or coating needed
  • Engineered for each application to meet deflection and loading requirements
  • FRP Skimmer with slotted collection pipe
  • Available in standard sizes from 6” diameter to 42” diameter

Baffle Walls

The Plasti-Fab Composite Baffle Wall provides superior corrosion resistance while providing the flexibility of custom fabrication to meet specific application needs. All composite parts are guaranteed against corrosion.

Key Features

  • Minimum 1/4” thickness walls custom designed for each application
  • Vacuum infusion completely encapsulates wall interior — no glued seams
  • Glass content exceeds 60%
  • Available orifices sized and located per engineer design
  • Walls can be fabricated in standard panels 8’6” x 20’0”
  • Panels are flanged and bolted together on location for larger walls
  • Composite sandwich construction provides superior strength

Troughs & Launders

Plasti-Fab fiberglass Launders and backwash Troughs are typically designed for clarifiers and gravity filter systems in water/wastewater treatment plants. Long lasting Troughs are available in all sizes with flat, round, or V-shaped bottoms. Weir Plates and Scum Baffles are available for FRP or concrete troughs.

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