Plasti-Fab FRP Flow Control Products: Stop Logs

Custom made for your specific needs


Plasti-Fab heavy duty stop logs feature a unique seamless construction that fully surrounds an internal structural skeleton.

Key Features

  • All logs are designed to match the application, limiting deflection based on width and head. We have built stop logs over 20’ feet wide x 5’ high x 12.5” thick.
  • Stop logs are engineered for Plasti-Fab guide frames or for use with existing guide structures.
  • Dual EPDM bottom seals on logs.
  • Side lip seals affixed to Plasti-Fab fiberglass copolymer logs.
  • Seals on the log rather than on the guide, if seals ever need repair, it can be done in a controlled environment without bypass pumping and/or draining the water to access seals in the guide.
  • Stop log sets available with varying log heights within the set.
  • Lifting pins assembly passes through the entire thickness of the log, completely FRP encapsulated for full lifting capacity.