Polished Bore Receptacle

Achieve superior sealing properties with our polished bore receptacle. Our polished bore receptacle (PBR) can be combined with our SURESET Liner Hanger Packer, VXP Liner Top Packer, or used with a setting sleeve and our GSP-II liner hanger in order to deliver superior performance when tieback stems are necessary.


The polished bore receptacle (PBR) is a high-quality honed pipe with tight manufacturing tolerances that guarantees the best sealing properties. The top PBR end is provided with a special chamfer to enable an easier running-in of drilling tools. The lower PBR end can be optionally connected with a liner packer or setting sleeve.


  • Bottom-set tieback packer
  • Tieback seal stem


  • 6 to 30 ft


  • L 80, T 95, P 110, Q 125, 22Cr 125 ksi; other materials on request
  • Polished Bore Receptacle Data Sheet

  • Successful Germany Geothermal Liner System Installations Case Study

  • Longest and Heaviest Geothermal Liner Hanger Installation Case Study

  • Successful Offshore Caspian Sea Liner Hanger Installation Case Study

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