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Polyplaster Fiberglass Pipe

Polyplaster fiberglass pipe is highly adaptive to custom fabrication and speciality applications.

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Polyplaster fiberglass pipe is hand lay-up (HLU) pipe in diameters 1 to 8 in. and is wound on a CAM machine up to 100 in. A variety of vinyl-ester/polyester-resin systems and liner thicknesses can be specified. The joint is butted and wrapped. High-resin-content, thick, reinforced liners are available in the pipe wall for severe chemical services and oxidizing acids.

The high-resin-content construction of the pipe and fittings is well suited for severe chemical services as well as municipal applications. Polyplaster fiberglass pipe is highly adaptive to custom fabrication and specialty applications, including cobalt-free requirements for sodium hypochlorite and other severely aggressive oxidizers.


  • High-resin-content, thick, reinforced liners available in pipe wall for severe chemical services and oxidizing acids
  • HLU or mitered with butt-and-wrap joints
  • Custom fabrications such a manifolds and branched fittings available
  • Polyplaster provides a full range of services for mild to extremely corrosive fluids
  • Well suited to water purification systems


  • Chemical and industrial

Polyplaster Fiberglass Pipe Specifications

Size range 1 to 100 in. (25 mm to 2.5 m)
Inner corrosion barrier 0.100 in. (2.5 mm) resin-rich reinforced liner
Pressure ratings 150 psig (10 bar)
Pipe construction 1- to 8-in. HLU 10- to 100-in. continuous chop/hoop winding with polyester or vinylester resin
Temperature range -40 to 200 °F (-40 to 93 °C)
Joining method Butt and wrap
Fittings HLU or mitered with square-cut ends
Chemical service Chlorinated and acidic mixtures, municipal, and penstock services
  • Fiberglass Engineering and Piping Design Guide

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