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From diesel and natural gas generators to portable lighting towers and HVAC systems.

Generators, lighting, HVAC, and Distribution

Portable Power manufactures diesel and natural gas generators for land and offshore use, that quietly supply power to any operation or emergency site. All units are built to withstand the harshest environments, employing heavy-duty sound-attenuated housings and stainless-steel components. Rental models range in size and power capabilities from 50 to 1250 kW.  To supplement our generator fleet we also offer portable lighting towers and portable HVAC systems.

Learn about our wide array of WellSite Services products that service the wellbore and streamline logistics, including managed pressure drilling, shakers, centrifuges, below grade well cellars, and more.

A render of an offshore diesel generator


A render of a portable diesel light tower attached to a hitch


Diesel-powered light towers for land use while quietly supplying light to any land-based job site.

United States

Portable Diesel Light Towers
A render of a portable HVAC Unit


Air conditioners, air-cooled water chillers, dehumidifiers, and electric heaters that supply temperature and humidity control to any application.

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Power Generation Solutions technician shaking hands with a client


Complete range of electrical distribution equipment to complement the generators.


Ancillary Electrical Distribution Equipment

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