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Power Systems Ideal Rig Gauges

Power Systems

Delivering power distribution systems that are highly configurable from the smallest drilling rigs to the largest applications.

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As an original equipment manufacturer with a deep understanding of our equipment’s power distribution requirements, NOV has designed and manufactured drive systems for countless onshore and offshore drilling applications. With the largest selection of AC and DC integrated drive systems available to the drilling industry, our product lines for our AC drives and DC drives are highly reliable, improve performance, and are designed for the ruggedness of the oilfield. And with an estimated 80% of the installed customer base, we are the largest provider of SCR drives in the drilling industry. For customers looking to change out their DC technology and SCR drives with AC power with variable frequency drives (VFDs), we have a successful track record of installing and commissioning those upgrades.


NOV motor products include induction, synchronous, and permanent magnet motor technologies that provide consistent and reliable performance. NOV provides the best purpose-built motors available to the drilling and petrochemical industries.

Powerblade kinetic energy recovery system

NOV Powerblade™ is an innovative technology suitable for drilling and hoisting systems. Kinetic energy recovery systems (KERS) are a proven technology widely used in Formula One racing vehicles and NASA exploration spacecraft for recovering a moving vehicle’s kinetic energy while braking and storing it in a reservoir (flywheel) for later use under acceleration. The NOV Powerblade is a KERS system that preserves that lost energy to reduce fuel costs and emissions while increasing operational safety and reliability. Powerblade is easily integrated into the power grid, and recaptured energy can be distributed as both DC and AC power.

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Power Distributions

With over 100 years of experience in mechanical power generation and distribution systems and with the largest install base of electrical power generation and distribution equipment, our engineers and technicians are experienced in all aspects of design, manufacturing and life cycle management to make sure your rig is powered correctly and efficiently.

Drill Force Motor Power System in a Manufacturing Environment
Our versatile Drill Force motors can be found throughout our drilling rigs.
Series of motor indicators on a VFD power system
Easy-access panels make troubleshooting and maintenance easy.
Series of gauges on a power system
VFD house gauges
Power system motors on an Ideal Rig
AC drives provide clean, consistent power to the drilling rig when compared to SCR drives.

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