Powerblade Energy Recovery System

Peak shaving and redistributing power to drilling and hoisting systems


PowerBlade™ is an energy recovery system that captures electrical braking energy from drilling or hoisting systems and provides that recycled energy back to the power grid to enable peak shaving.

During operation, PowerBlade captures energy from the drawworks, crane, or winch during braking and stopping the hook load. This energy is stored using a flywheel and/or battery system. Stored energy is then supplied back to the power grid as needed.

PowerBlade's modular design enables flexibility when adapting to varying rig equipment capacities and vessel configurations. This system is integrated into the power grid and recaptured energy is distributed as DC power. An additional DC grid solution further expands capabilities.

With PowerBlade, generators can provide a more stable power level, eliminating power peaks and allowing generators to run at an optimal load by reducing the number of generators online, thereby easing wear and tear and reducing the risk of a generator trip. Through load leveling and power generation, both directly and indirectly, vessels can reduce their fuel consumption by an estimated 20 to 30% during drilling operations.

  • PowerBlade Flyer

  • PowerBlade Case Study

Side angled image of a Powerblade Energy Recovery System in a facility
Bottom up angled image of a Powerblade Energy Recovery System in a facility