PowerPLUS Coiled Tubing Power Sections

PowerPLUS is an NOV series of high-performance power sections for coiled tubing operations.


The PowerPLUS™ CT power section delivers more rotational power and torque than conventional coiled tubing power sections. PowerPLUS power sections use a high-performance elastomer that delivers 50% more rotational power and torque than traditional power sections.

The elastomer performs remarkably in both water-based fluids and nitrogen, which makes this power section ideal for CT milling operations. Selection of our power sections will provide high-performance CT operations and reduce your milling and drilling time.

Our extensive research and analysis on the design and manufacture of this impressive addition to our fleet of power sections included:

  • Elastomer formulation testing
  • Fluid immersion testing
  • Performance testing
  • Endurance testing
  • Field testing

Extensive testing results provided a strong base for the PowerPLUS power section—another quality NOV solution for the coiled tubing industry.


  • High-performance elastomer power section
  • Performs well with water-based fluids
  • Generates 50% more power than conventional power sections
  • Performs well with nitrogen and air milling/drilling
  • Generates 50% higher torque than traditional power sections
  • Less stress on the coiled tubing
  • Improved CT milling/drilling performance
  • Reduced operational cost
  • Increased speed at which plugs are milled
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Side render of PowerPLUS Coiled Tubing Power Sections Render