PowerShift Downhole Adjustable Motor

Save time and money by eliminating trips and optimizing critical drilling parameters.


Save a trip – Save a bit – Save a fixed bend motor

As part of our Vector™ drilling motors family, the PowerShift™ downhole adjustable motor saves time and money by reducing the number of trips, increasing operational flexibility and optimizing critical drilling parameters. This revolutionary motor builds from NOV's SelectShift™ patented technology allowing for rapid adjustment of the motor bend setting higher or lower in real-time while downhole. The technology is highly effective at combining sections such as vertical to curve, curve to lateral, and VCL applications. The ability to utilize a lower degree bend setting downhole allows for broader and improved operating parameters such as higher drill string rotation with the lower bend setting in the vertical or lateral sections, thereby improving bit life, hole quality, and ROP.

The Depth-Activated feature of the PowerShift motor enables the bend setting to be changed higher or lower one time at a specific depth or MD of the wellbore, thus allowing the tool to behave like two fixed bend motors in the hole. The motor allows one bend angle to start the run and a second bend angle to finish the section, while tools stay locked in the second bend setting for the remainder of the run. In addition, the PowerShift downhole adjustable motor provides industry-leading torque output capability with 100% flow to the drill bit. This motor can be run on NOV's most powerful 5-1/2” ERT and 7-1/4” ERT™ power sections and offers our strongest driveline technology.


  • Downhole adjustment of the motor bend angle in real-time
  • Allows for one bend shift downhole
  • Available in two configurations (Lock-in-Low Bend to High Bend assembly and a Lock-in-High Bend to Low Bend assembly)
    • Two bend setting options within each configuration
  • Permanent pressure signal mechanism with no bypass ~150-250 psi
  • High torque/high differential pressure design
  • Depth-Activated Mechanism for shifting
  • Robust all-mechanical design
  • Optimized for high flow rates – Fluid & Air applications


  • Significant time and money savings
  • Like having 2 fixed bend motors in the hole during the run without the need to trip to change the bend setting
  • Significantly lowers rotary torque and WOB needed in the low bend
  • Improves ROP
    • Increased rotary RPMs/bit RPM in the low bend
    • Less side loading of the bit in low bend aids ROP by drilling a more in-gage hole and reduces bit wear
    • Low bend extends well reach and lowers drag with the ability to turn more rotary RPM in the lateral
  • Improve hole quality and limited sliding
    • High bend offers more bend for increased build rates when faster correction is needed in the curve and tangent sections
    • Provides build rates up to 16-18° per 100 feet
    • Low bend aids hole cleaning in laterals
  • Bend angle simple to shift, and quickly adjusts via RPM changes and flow changes
  • Motor is locked permanently in the second bend setting once activated
  • Bend setting confirmation via permanent pressure signal on surface
  • Useful in open hole sidetracking operations

Technical Specifications


5 1/2 in.

7-1/4 in.

Power Section Speeds

.46 to .80 RPG

.08 to .33 RPG

Motor Stabilizer Size

Slick or ¼ in. UG up to ½ in. UG

Bit to bend

57.5 in.

64.5 in.

Max Flow

450 GPM

800 GPM

WOB @ 100 RPM

56,000 lbs

115,000 lbs

Bottom connection

3½ REG, NC35, NC40

4½ REG


Right facing render of a PowerShift Downhole Adjustable Motor

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