Process Intelligence Manager

Our Process Intelligence Manager for remote process optimization and condition monitoring enables our clients to reduce their operational expenses through extending lifetime of equipment, increasing system availability, and optimizing utilities consumption.


Creating a Digital Wellstream

NOV has a long history of providing digital and process technology solutions to the oil and gas industry. Through a combination of these track records, the Wellstream Processing group has created its Process Intelligence Manager offering. The Process Intelligence Manager provides the user with a complete support system to optimize system performance as well as enabling enhanced process support by subject matter experts.

By deployment of data science to create new insights, the tool generates unique understanding of system performance and equipment health status. This includes early detection of production issues, which together with recommendations for mitigation ensures that issues can be addressed prior to becoming severe.

An integrated simulator functionality, a digital process twin, can be added to the remote support system, allowing the user to test different operating strategies and identify the optimal settings prior to implementing these in the real facility.

Direct values and benefits from our remote support system include:

  • Cost savings from optimization of performance
  • Reducing utilities consumption
  • Reducing risk of penalties
  • Improved maintenance practices
  • Increase of system availability
  • Extending the lifetime of equipment

Additional features such as condition-based monitoring of rotating equipment such as pumps and centrifuges can be added to the remote support system to provide further insights into the system health status.

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