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PIM oil on tablet

Process Intelligence Manager Crude Oil

Reduce operational costs and satisfy crude oil export requirements with unique insights from our Process Intelligence Manager.

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Our crude oil desalting application has been developed to optimize system performance and to control the complex salt balances within these systems. Where a typical control system may only include a simple monitoring functionality that provide warnings for off-spec production, initiating recycling of off-spec product, the Process Intelligence Manager utilizes real-time data to provide guidance on how to satisfy the salt and water content requirements at minimum operational cost.

The Process Intelligence Manager provides the user with a complete support system to optimize system performance as well as enabling enhanced process support by subject matter experts. Data can be utilized to create performance models based on actual system behavior, providing much more accurate predictions than feasible through generic models. An integrated simulator functionality can be added to the remote support system, allowing the user to test different operating strategies and identify the optimal settings prior to implementing these in the facility. The simulator is continuously trained by the operational experience of your desalting system.


  • Reduce operational expenses and environmental impact through lowering utilities consumption, such as freshwater, chemicals, and heating.
  • Increase system availability through condition-based monitoring of critical components.
  • Provide guidance on how to achieve crude oil export requirements.
  • Avoiding costly optimization campaigns by testing different parameters in integrated simulator.
  • Reduce or eliminate production penalties from off-spec production.
PIM crude oil diagram

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