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Process Intelligence Manager Seawater Treatment

Our condition monitoring application for seawater treatment systems includes unique data analytics that provide real-time identification of operational issues.

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Inject more for less

The Process Intelligence Manager for seawater treatment enables performance improvements that maximize the amount of water injected at the minimum overall cost of ownership, by increasing production and reducing maintenance costs.

To maximize the value of the enhanced oil recovery (EOR) process, our Process Intelligence Manager aims to optimize seawater treatment system performance and minimize maintenance efforts. By collecting digital inputs from sensors, instruments, and controllers on the platform or vessel, the Process Intelligence Manager allows you to monitor system behavior in real-time, leveraging built-in application expertise and data analytics. This allows for enhanced support of seawater treatment system operations which enable you to reduce operating costs and maximize production.

We capture the build-up of fouling on the membranes, which in combination with the ability to differentiate between types of fouling, enables the system to recommend the best suitable clean-in-place (CIP) procedures. By performing CIP at an early stage, the maintenance time reduces, and the lifetime of the membranes is increased. This improves the availability and reduces the OPEX of the seawater treatment system. Additional features such as condition-based monitoring of rotating equipment can be added to the remote support system to provide further insights into the system health status.


  • Extend the life of membranes 
  • Increase system availability to “inject more for less”
  • Reduce or Eliminate water injection and production penalties 
  • Reducing OPEX by avoiding costly offshore maintenance campaigns and intervention
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