Process Systems Testing Services

We provide a unique, versatile once-through testing service, enabling you to develop, optimize, and quantify produced water and separation technologies under field conditions.


Our test facility at Flotta in the United Kingdom was opened in 1988 to support the development and testing of full-scale offshore process equipment. Since opening, we have established an internationally recognized facility specializing in effluent treatment and water handling, with three-phase separation and electrostatics capabilities having been added in 2016.

We have the capabilities to operate on a continuous once-through basis, ensuring the feed conditions are constant and unaffected by recirculated test fluids. Our state-of-the-art facilities are manned by experienced, on-site process engineers and chemists who evaluate the technology at every step in the process.

Technology optimization

We provide highly adaptable processes that can be tailored to the requirements of each individual project and client needs. We can vary all conditions throughout testing to ensure the technology is fully evaluated, even when the project changes during the test program.

Oilfield chemistry services

Our experienced chemists offer a variety of oilfield chemistry services and consultancy. We cover a wide range of services from oil-in-water concentration to detailed enhanced oil recovery (EOR) polymer analysis and can provide analysis to support pilot scale testing or conduct detailed laboratory scale studies.

Technology validation

We provide a comprehensive resource for you to evaluate and validate a process technology. Our test facilities enable us to demonstrate the effectiveness of the equipment under controlled conditions. Confirmation of your investment decisions and the ability to assess technologies prior to purchase is extremely valuable. Our technology validation services provide an objective means for testing individual pieces of equipment and complete processes. Technology developers use our independent and confidential service for performance testing of products before introducing them to the market. Our test facilities have also been used for product certification and aiding market promotion via independent trials.


  • De-oiling and pre-separation hydrocyclones
  • Membrane, media, and self-cleaning filter systems
  • Horizontal and vertical IGF technologies
  • Compact separation vessels
  • Online and offline oil-in-water monitoring technologies
  • Laboratory oil-in-water analysers
  • Oil-droplet size measuring technologies
  • Coalescing technologies
  • Separator internals, including numerous inlet devices, baffling, plate packs, etc.
  • Motion vessel internals
  • Slug catchers
  • De-aerators
  • Solids cyclones
  • Other sand-removal systems, both internal to vessels and external
  • Back-produced EOR and ASP fluid-handling technologies
  • Reduced shear/coalescing valves
  • Electrostatic coalescing technologies
  • Various polishing-stage technologies
  • Subsea separation vessels
  • Numerous novel technologies that have never progressed into the market


The Flotta facility provides a controllable test bed that simulates offshore fluids in a safe, onshore environment and on a unique once-through basis.

  • Actual or near-field fluid conditions provide high confidence levels in technology testing
  • Safe, trouble-free discharge of effluent from the testing allows once-through flow, maintaining consistent feed operating parameters
  • Enhanced security of investment, with the opportunity to verify performance and operating envelopes before commitment to purchase
  • A cost-effective way of gaining comparative data on available technologies prior to selection
  • On-site heavy and medium crude oil ensures valid operating conditions and simplifies logistics as well as safety/environmental aspects
  • Confidentiality and security in results demanded by the oil and gas industry
  • Expertise of our team provides added value, a versatile service to clients requiring performance validation, product research or product development
  • Extensive support facilities—analytical laboratories and equipment, fabrication workshop and mechanical handling—providing a comprehensive resource
  • Combined resources that enable us to offer a truly holistic solution


Our central indoor test hall of 640 m2 with additional outdoor test area, offices and laboratories offers the following capabilities:

  • Seawater to 20,000 BWPD as either raw seawater, filtered to specification, and/or deaerated on a continuous throughput basis (once through)
  • Oily water simulation to 10,000 BWPD (once through)
  • Freshwater to 5,000 BWPD
  • Bulk oil to 40,000 BOPD (closed-loop recirculation)
  • Once-through or closed-loop processing
  • Numerous thermal fluid heater systems up to 90°C
  • Remote operation and control automation
  • Pressure, flow, and temperature control and monitoring
  • Controllable solids mixing vessels and injection packages, oil and chemical dosing packages, and oil-droplet size including sub 4 μm at over 2000 mg/l oil concentration
  • Polymer and alkali surfactant polymer mixing vessels and injection packages
  • Inert gas (nitrogen) and compressed air supplies
  • Electrical power in single and three phase
  • Disposal of used liquids and chemicals
  • Outdoor test and bundled storage area
  • On-site fabrication, workshops, and stores, with 5-m high access
  • On-site laboratory and office support of over 450 m2
  • Process Systems Testing Services Brochure

Testing Services Chemistry Lesson
Testing Facility Interior
Testing Services Vials being Tested
Produced Water Treatment Technology Testing

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