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Produced Water Treatment

Produced Water Treatment

Our comprehensive produced water portfolio allows us to deliver safe, compliant, customer-oriented results necessary for responsible energy production.

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We offer a wide range of technologies, products and services to support the global management of water within the energy industry. Our lifecycle approach combines specialist subjects such as marine ecotoxicology and fluid characterization services supported by cutting edge integration concepts, technologies, development and fabrication facilities.

Our developer level knowledge in technologies, combined with a passion for water, means that we seek out the right solution for the problem, often succeeding where others fail. Our core products are our own and our aim is simple, to develop and deliver state-of-the-art solutions for the ever-evolving produced water landscape.

Our technologies are at the heart of what we do. Our pragmatic approach to technology development and implementation means that our products are offered based on tangible evidence of performance, capacity and are not sold based on market hype or unrealistic expectations.

Our use of semi-empirical design and performance algorithms with less reliance on rule-of-thumb or purely empirical approaches gives us an edge. Our people know our products, and this allows us to provide high end technologies, precisely engineered to allow economical delivery in tough markets. Our produced water technology portfolio is synergistic with our separation and solids handling portfolios. Many of the same technologies, design practices and principles are consistent between them.

  • Advanced Compact Flotation Unit Data Sheet
  • Advanced Produced Water Degasser Data Sheet
  • Advanced Deoiling Hydrocyclones Data Sheet
  • Advanced Horizontal Induced Gas Flotation Unit Data Sheet
  • Mare's Tail Inline Pre-Coalescer Flyer Data Sheet
  • Mechanically Induced Gas Flotation Unit Data Sheet
  • Nutshell Filter Data Sheet
  • Offshore Produced Water Treatment System Training Flyer
  • WaterWolf Dynamic Oil Recovery System Data Sheet
Compact Flotation Unit skid
Compact flotation unit skid
Cyclonic water and solids treatment system
Cyclonic water and solids treatment system
Deoiling Hydrocyclone liner delivery
Deoiling hydrocyclone liner delivery
Hydrocyclone and CFU skids on the way to the FPSO
Hydrocyclone and CFU skids on the way to the FPSO

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