Production Packers and Accessories

Providing isolation of the reservoir to protect the casing string and meet the different operating requirements for your completion job


Critical to your upper completion systems Production packers and their accessories are the cornerstones to most upper completion designs by providing a barrier to protect the casing and diverting flow into the tubing string. Our production packers include both retrievable and permanent type tools and have a full range of deployment options, including mechanical set, hydraulic set, and e-line set versions.

We manufacture a full range of packers for most casing and tubing sizes and a broad range of applications, including thermal and high pressure, high temperature (HPHT) wells. We manufacture this equipment in accordance with industry standards for packers and their accessories.

Our product offerings

  • Mechanical packers
  • Hydraulic packers
  • Permanent packers
  • Retrievable seal bore packers
  • Seal bore packer accessories
  • Completion accessories
  • Adjustable Sub Data Sheet

  • Hydro-Trip Sub Data Sheet

  • NA and NB Expansion Joint Data Sheet

  • NAS-3 Single Grip Production Packer Data Sheet

  • NAS-1 X Mechanical Production Packer Data Sheet

  • NH-1 Hydraulic Production Packer Data Sheet

  • NH-2 Dual String Production Packer Data Sheet

  • NH-6 Hydraulic Production Packer Data Sheet

  • NRSB Production Packer Data Sheet

  • NT-2 On-Off Tool Data Sheet

  • NTE Thermal Packer Data Sheet

  • Seal Bore Packer Accessories Data Sheet

  • Seal Bore Tubing Accessories Data Sheet

  • Tubing Drain Sub Data Sheet