Packer and Accessories

Production Packers and Accessories

Providing isolation of the reservoir to protect the casing string and meet the different operating requirements for your completion job

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Critical to your upper completion systems Production packers and their accessories are the cornerstones to most upper completion designs by providing a barrier to protect the casing and diverting flow into the tubing string. Our production packers include both retrievable and permanent type tools and have a full range of deployment options, including mechanical set, hydraulic set, and e-line set versions.

We manufacture a full range of packers for most casing and tubing sizes and a broad range of applications, including thermal and high pressure, high temperature (HPHT) wells. We manufacture this equipment in accordance with industry standards for packers and their accessories.

Our product offerings

  • Mechanical packers
  • Hydraulic packers
  • Permanent packers
  • Retrievable seal bore packers
  • Seal bore packer accessories
  • Completion accessories
  • Adjustable Sub Data Sheet
  • Hydro-Trip Sub Data Sheet
  • NA and NB Expansion Joint Data Sheet
  • NAS-3 Single Grip Production Packer Data Sheet
  • NAS-1 X Mechanical Production Packer Data Sheet
  • NH-1 Hydraulic Production Packer Data Sheet
  • NH-2 Dual String Production Packer Data Sheet
  • NH-6 Hydraulic Production Packer Data Sheet
  • NRSB Production Packer Data Sheet
  • NT-2 On-Off Tool Data Sheet
  • NTE Thermal Packer Data Sheet
  • Seal Bore Packer Accessories Data Sheet
  • Seal Bore Tubing Accessories Data Sheet
  • Tubing Drain Sub Data Sheet