Profab’s world-class fabrication facilities in Batam, Indonesia span 14 hectares and include 30,000 m2 of undercover work areas and 350 m of waterfront quay.


Profab was established in 1998 in response to industry demand for a cost-effective, South East Asian solution aligned to the development of the project and stringent standards of high specification industries and applications such as oil and gas and mineral mining industries.

Today, Profab is a recognized leader in industry, with core capabilities in the fabrication of:

  • Pressure vessels and heat exchangers
  • Modules, skids, and platforms
  • Subsea and mooring equipment
  • Piping
  • Specialized structures
  • Mining equipment

We ensure that our clients experience minimal interface risks by taking control on engineering, procurement, fabrication, pre-assembling, trial fitting, and load-out of large complex structures.

Profab uses the latest technology production equipment covering various processes, including cutting, rolling, profile forming, welding, blasting, and painting. Our skilled workforce and well-developed systems ensure globally-accepted quality and safety, and a commitment to timely delivery.

Profab has been a part of projects and supplied products in more than 24 countries, representing every continent except the Antarctic. Our client base represents some of the world’s largest and most respected organizations, and our high volume of repeat business is a testament to our reliable solutions.


Engineering and drafting

Profab’s team of high-caliber engineers and CAD draftsmen have extensive experience in fabrication. For pressure vessels and steelwork detailing, we have our own licensed suite of engineering software including:

  • PV Elite
  • Tekla
  • CADworks (3D)
  • NozzlePro
  • Autocad

Profab’s engineering and draftsmen are well versed with a wide range of codes and standards including:

  • ASME VIII Div, 1, 2
  • PD5500
  • AS1210
  • ASME B31.3 / B31.4 and B31.8
  • API 661 / API 1104, API 2B, APIT2A
  • AWS D1.1
  • DNV-OS-F01/ DNV-0S-C401
  • NORSOK M-101

Equipment and facilities

Profab has extensive undercover workshop facilities designed to maximize productivity and support on-time delivery of our projects and products. The 140,000 m2 yard boasts 35,000 m3 of undercover production areas.

Prefabrication workshop for beam fabrication, profiled sections, and rolling are complete with:

  • CNC  Universal Beam Coping Machine
  • Multi Head Profile Cutting Machines
  • Hydraulic Beam Straightening Machine
  • Beam Gantry Welding Machines
  • Beam Assembly Machines
  • Profile Bending Machine
  • CNC Vessel and Pipe Profiler
  • Plate Rolling Machines capable of rolling plate up to 125 mm thick x 3500 mm wide

Machine shop complete with:

  • Lathes
  • Band saws
  • Drop Saws
  • Vertical Borers
  • Hydraulic punches
  • Portable line boring


Welding equipment and facilities supporting a wide range of processes including:

  • Auto pipe bug and band welding systems
  • Submerged arc welding including twin arc system
  • Automatic and semi-automatic FCAW and Innershield
  • Overlay hot wire TIG for small bore
  • Electro slag strip weld overlay machines
  • Orbital TIG system
  • Clean room facilities for alloy and exotic welding

Covered workshops for blasting and painting including automatic blast lines for plate and sections, and capability to apply a broad spectrum of coatings including:

  • Epoxy
  • Polyurethanes
  • Plastite
  • Thermally sprayed aluminum
  • Glass flake
  • Nova coats
  • Coal tar epoxy
  • Passive fire protection

Pressure vessels and heat exchangers

Our pressure vessel group can design and build pressure vessels for any application and any industry sector, including:

  • Towers and columns
  • Separators, scrubbers, and knockout drums
  • Receivers, tanks, and storage vessels
  • Carbon steel, stainless steel, internal cladding, and exotic materials
  • High pressure, heavy wall, and corrosive service solutions

We are accredited to ASME with certificate accreditation for U, U2, R and PP stamps. We design and fabricate to all major pressure vessel codes such as ASME, EN13445, AS1210.

Modules, skids, and platforms

Improved quality, effective logistics, more efficient project schedules, and cost-reduced costs are just some advantages of modularization. Profab is an expert in building multidisciplined modules, skids, and platforms for onshore and offshore projects.

  • Firewater, refrigeration, metering, chemical dosing, MEG, TEG fuel gas, and wide range of other skids
  • Separator and production test skids
  • Accommodation and utility modules
  • Process modules for onshore plants, offshore topsides, and FPSO/FSU
  • Compressor skids and modules
  • Wellhead platforms and decks

With applicable codes and standards including AWS D1.1, DNV-OS-(401) and NORSOK M-101.

Subsea and mooring equipment

Subsea applications are some of the most demanding in the world. Reliability and robustness are paramount to the success of the project. Profab has extensive experience in a wide range of subsea and floating structures and fabrication including:

  • Midwater arches
  • Gravity bases
  • Christmas tree structures
  • PLEM and PLETs 
  • Driven, drilled, and suction piles
  • Protection frames
  • Mud mats

 All manufacturing and welding is applicable to the following codes and standards AWS D1.1, DNV-OS-(401) and NORSOK M-101.

Specialist structures

Profab delivers structural steelwork for any service or application. We work to a range of codes and understand the demands of many applications.

We have experience in:

  • Stingers
  • Catwalks and pipe bridges
  • Pipe racks
  • Flare towers and stacks
  • Offshore jackets
  • Jetty and wharf structures including dolphins and decks
  • Hose reels
  • Platforms and access structures

All manufacturing and welding is applicable to the following codes and standards AWS D1.1, DNV-OS-(401), NORSOK M-101 and API 650.


Profab can prefabricate piping spools for onshore and subsea applications from a wide variety of materials and fabricate associated supports and structures such as walkways, access platforms, and fittings to support corrosive environments.

Applicable codes and standards include ASME B31.3, DNV-OS-F101, NORSOK M-601 and API 1104.

Large diameter cylindrical products

We have the capabilities and experience to fabricate large-diameter pipes and cylindrical products for various industries and applications including:

  • Wind turbine structures and pile
  • Large diameter cooling water intake and discharge pipes for power stations
  • Hydroelectric penstocks
  • Ball and SAG mills
  • Large transportable size water tanks

Applicable codes and standards include AWS D1.1 and NACE MR 0175.

Mining and minerals equipment

Profab’s reputation is built on supplying high-quality manufacturing services to our mining customers. We have the capability and experience to manufacture various mineral processing products including:

  • Pressure vessels and autoclaves
  • Chutes, hoppers, storage, and thickener tanks
  • Modular structures and large structural/plate fabrication
  • Ball and sag mills
  • Pipe spooling – carbon and exotics
  • Stackers and reclaimers
  • Rail car dumpers

NOV's Offshore Production Solutions leverage our recognized and long-standing proficiency, experience, and diverse process and production systems. Uniting economical design, superior technologies, and integrated systems, we enable our clients to optimize upstream operations and unlock full field potential.

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