PSD Bi-Center Bits

Save time and money with the patented mid-reamer design of our PSD Bi-Center bit.

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Our Performance Shoe Driller (PSD) Bi-Center bits drill out and then drill ahead in a single run. A patented mid-reamer design centralizes the pilot, providing you with full gauge contact for superior hole quality. Maximized gauge contact area coupled with our patented low-force balanced cutter layout improve bit stabilization and increase wear resistance when compared to other bi-center designs currently available. This improved efficiency results in longer and faster runs that save you both time and money.


  • Reamer gauge design – Improves drillout performance
  • Optimized pilot cutting structure – Drills out and drills ahead in a single run
  • Increased wear resistance – More cutters open the pilot hole
  • Centralized pilot – Provides full gauge contact for superior hole quality
  • Mid-reamer – Provides additional stability and ensures the reamer is centralized for full enlargement
  • Force-balanced cutting structure – Reduces vibration potential and improves drilling efficiency
  • Premium ReedHycalog PDC cutters – Can be optimized to suit the demands of each specific application
  • Optimized hydraulics configuration – Ensures efficient bit cleaning and cooling, thereby improving ROP

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