Pump-In Sub

Compact large-bore fluid inlet for wireline pressure control equipment


Our compact, low-height pump-in-sub (PIS) is a versatile addition to your wireline pressure control equipment (WPCE) rig up. It provides a large-bore inlet through which various fluids can be pumped for operations such as well control, inhibitor pumping, fluid sampling, and bleed-down, along with equalization with minimum increase in your rig up’s height.

The PIS has quick union connections on top and bottom for fast rigup and a hammer union-type side connection. We typically supply our PIS with a blind plug and nut on the hammer union port; the blind plug is replaced with a suitable valve when in operation.

Specially designed pump-in subs with different top and bottom unions can also be used as wellhead adapter crossovers.

A PIS is typically positioned below the wireline valve and above the wellhead. We have developed conversion kits to adapt our proprietary side inlet to API flanged valves if you require positive isolation between the wellbore and hammer union connection. An Anson™ flanged gate or plug valve can then be fitted between the pump-in sub body and the hammer union.

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Integral Style Pump-In Sub With One-Piece Body
Flanged Style Pump-In Sub With Flange Connection Into Body

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