Pursuit Reamer

Second-generation wellbore conditioning tool enhances drilling efficiency and improves drilling and tripping performance in the United States.


Our Pursuit™ reamer is designed to support the ever-evolving U.S. drilling market as operators and drillers pursue target zones that are deeper and farther than ever before. Our second-generation well conditioning tool, built upon our dog leg (DL) reamer, is specially designed to help complete intervals faster and at the lowest cost possible. By optimizing the entire drilling process with efficient weight transfer, low torque when drilling, and safe, trouble-free trips in and out of the hole, the Pursuit reamer delivers greater operational efficiency.

With our Pursuit drill bits drilling further and faster, well condition has become an important consideration as trip frequency is reduced and the potential for tight spots, ledges, and cuttings bed accumulations are increased. To combat this, the Pursuit reamer slightly enlarges and conditions the wellbore, and reduces string-generated torque while simultaneously effectively agitating cuttings beds and removing accumulations. By leveraging our in-house developed proprietary Multifunctional Advanced Placement Software (MAPS™), optimal placement in the drillstring can be verified, guaranteeing maximum tool efficiency.

The Pursuit reamer is fitted with ReedHycalog’s industry-leading grades of polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) cutters, chosen for your specific application. Only ReedHycalog offers this array of cutter selection, guaranteeing the most efficient and cost-effective solution that enable U.S. operators to reach the technical limits of today’s drilling challenges.

One-piece construction

The Pursuit reamer is manufactured from a single piece of steel containing material properties that optimally match the connection tool requirements. The one-piece construction ensures a strong, robust design that is properly paired with the adjacent drillstring components.

Dual-height, dual-function blade design

By utilizing active blades set higher than the passive blades, the tool both conditions and slightly enlarges the wellbore to significantly improve the efficiency of the tool. This enlargement ensures that the bit will be able to pass through the wellbore without the need for backreaming and that casing or completions can be landed quickly and successfully.

Multifunctional Advanced Placement Software (MAPS)

MAPS, which is our exclusive in-house-developed software, enables Pursuit reamer placement in the bottomhole assembly, where it is most beneficial from a borehole conditioning perspective. Accurate placement also ensures there are no negative effects on the bending stresses or contact forces at any point in the interval through which the tool will be run.

Low-torque cutting structure

We designed the Pursuit reamer to generate less than 5% of the reactive torque generated by the bit with which it is used. In most applications, this results in reduced surface torque when compared to similar offset runs that do not include the Pursuit reamer in the string.

Bi-directional cutting structures

Enhanced cutting structures ensure that the tool is actively improving the wellbore when drilling ahead, as well as when the string is rotating and moving in either direction.

Maximized tool internal diameter

This intentional design helps to minimize pressure loss through the tool; it also allows fishing of most retrievable measurement-while-drilling (MWD) components.

Re-engineered blade layout

Our tool’s blade layout offers maximum protection to the cutting structure during drillout and increases the blades’ efficiency when agitating cuttings on the low side of the wellbore in high-angle directional applications. The rounded, continuous blades have been designed to afford greater gauge protection in highly abrasive applications while improving sliding efficiency in high-angle positive displacement motor applications.

Large selection of premium PDC cutters

The cutter type on the Pursuit reamer can be optimized to suit the demands of each specific application.

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