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Q-GUIDE Wireline Ram Assembly

Positive alignment of your wireline to prevent wire damage and ensure your wireline valve closes when you need it most.

Triple Lightweight BOP with Rams and Seals
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The Elmar™ Q-GUIDE™ ram assembly outperforms all other wireline valve rams and helps reduce your operational costs by preventing damage to your wireline with our patented guiding features. We fit these ram assemblies to all our wireline valves, and their design ensures your wireline is centralized and protected any time you need to close the wireline valve.

Designed to address the centralizing and trapping issues of historical designs—even with eccentric rig-ups and slack wire situations—the Q-GUIDE ram features four guiding surfaces arranged on either side of the inner seal. Full-bore guiding ensures that the wireline is captured under any condition, allowing the wireline valve to close fully and that the wire is placed into the inner seal without damage.

With the addition of a pair of hardened cutting blades, the Q-GUIDE rams can shear the wireline and seal the well independently of other operations on the well site.

Q-GUIDE rams accept standard Elmar inner and outer seals or our high-performance Constrictor™ multiline inner seal.

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Constrictor Ram Seal
Q-GUIDE and Shear and Seal Rams

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