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QED Plus Top Entry Mixer

The Chemineer QED Plus Mixer combines Quality, Economy and Durability for unbeatable mixing value and agitator service in chemical processing, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and general industry applications.

QED Agitator
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We have proven that it is possible to develop an economical mixer that provides quality workmanship, design excellence, performance and reliability of high performance at an economical cost. The Chemineer QED Plus Mixer combines Quality, Economy and Durability for unbeatable mixing value. QED Plus Mixers are well-suited for agitator service in chemical processing, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and general industrial applications.

Application Versatility

Engineered for versatility, the QED Plus Mixer is compatible with 140 and 180 TC frame motors, three impeller types and three sealing options. Its compact right-angle drive is compatible with various mounting arrangements. For open tank applications, the QED Plus Mixer is equipped with removable, steel plate mounting feet for easy attachment to a steel beam or any other support structure. The QED Plus Mixer mounts easily to closed tanks with an integral pedestal/stuffing box/mounting flange that is ANSI or DIN compatible. It fits either a 150 lb. ANSI 6" connection or a 150 mm 16 bar ISO connection.

Heavy-Duty Shafts

All Chemineer shafts are straight to less than 0.003 inches total runout per foot of shaft length, resulting in longer seal life and quiet operation. Machined from carbon steel or 316 stainless steel, tapered shafts are included as standard on all QED Plus Mixers. Chemineer tapered shafts are manufactured to resist torsional loads and bending moments caused by hydraulic forces imparted upon the impeller. All QED Plus Mixers also have a shaft sleeve that facilitates easy removal of the gear drive from the impeller shaft.


QED Plus Mixers rely on NEMA or IEC C-face motors for reliable performance. Protected by a cast iron housing, rugged worm-drive and helical gearing and high-speed internal bearings ensure a smooth, efficient transfer of power from motor to shaft. Easy to install, operate and service, the 1750 rpm motor bolts directly to the drive mechanism reducing the risk of possible misalignment due to fluctuating temperatures, vibrations or deflection of the mounting pedestal. QED Plus motors have a service factor of 1.5 and come in sizes of 1 to 5 horsepower. Depending on gear ratios the QED Plus is capable of producing shaft speeds of 44, 70, 88 or 117 rpm.


All QED Plus Mixers are supplied with flexible motor-to-gear reducer couplings made of a durable elastomeric material. Flexible couplings reduce mechanical shock and vibration, while compensating for minor motor misalignments. Coupling guards are included for safety and are easily removed for routine maintenance and repair.

  • Chemineer QED Plus Top Entry Mixer Spec Sheet
  • IO&M Manual 514.3: QED Plus Mixers
  • Supplement: Angle Mount QED-D
  • Supplemental Manual 514-A01: Angle Risers QED-D
  • Supplemental Manual 514-R00: Disassembly QED