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QT-16Cr Coiled Tubing

QT-16Cr, a stainless steel grade of tubing, offers superior corrosion resistance for permanent installations, especially wet CO2 environments, compared to HO-70.

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As supplied, QT-16Cr may contain tube-to-tube welds and is not manufactured as flash-free or True-Taper™. QT-16Cr is manufactured from a nitrogen-strengthened austenitic stainless steel. The chemical requirements of QT-16Cr parent tubing will meet the chemical requirements of UNS S20400.


QT-16Cr Mechanical Properties

Outside diameter

1.000 to 2.875 in. (25.4 to 73.025 mm)

Wall thickness

0.095 to 0.188 in. (2.4 to 4.8 mm)

Minimum yield strength

90,000 psi (621 MPa)

Minimum tensile strength

110,000 psi (758 MPa)

Maximum hardness

38 HRC

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