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QT-700 Coiled Tubing

QT-700 is manufactured from high-strength, low-alloy steel (HSLAS) with alloying additions to provide resistance to atmospheric corrosion. The chemical composition of QT-700 meets the specification requirements of API 5ST CT70.

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QT-700, the original continuously milled coiled tubing product, performs well in sour service.

For the appropriate sizes, QT-700 can be routinely ordered as a straight-wall, straight-wall flash-free string or as a string with an electric wireline or capillary tube installed. This material is not supplied as True-Taper™.


QT-700 Coiled Tubing Mechanical Properties

Outside diameter

0.750 to 3.500 in. (19.1 to 88.9 mm)

Wall thickness

0.087 to 0.203 in. (2.2 to 5.2 mm)

Minimum yield strength

70,000 psi (483 MPa)

Minimum tensile strength

80,000 psi (552 MPa)

Maximum hardness

22 HRC

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