QuickLoad Slickline Stuffing Box

Mitigate the risk of hydrocarbon release during slickline well interventions with evolutionary wireline pressure control equipment.


As the primary well control barrier, the Elmar™ QuickLoad™ stuffing box gives positive protection and allows intervention access to wells under pressure. Lighter, more reliable, and easier to maintain than its alternatives, our QuickLoad stuffing box is an evolutionary product that reinforces our position as market leaders in wireline pressure control equipment.

The QuickLoad combines a blow-out plug and ball check valve, providing a built-in dual-barrier safety system. This prevents uncontrolled well fluid loss in the event of packing failure, the slickline breaking, or the slickline being stripped from the rope socket.

The main construction weighs in at 39.7 lb (18 kg) and can be easily carried out by one person, allowing for assembly in a convenient location away from the well. The new and improved design permits the 33-lb (15-kg) sheave bracket to be assembled onto the main construction, even after the cable head is fed through, negating the need for a removable cartridge.

By hydraulically accessing the packing chamber at the top when using the spiral-cut packing, the element can be changed with the line in situ, saving operational time and cost compared to alternative solutions. The stuffing box can also be used with conventional packing elements when required.

An injection port with an integral check valve is provided to inject chemicals such as glycol and methanol, also applicable for oiling of the line if required.

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WPCE QuickLoad Slickline Stuffing Box
QuickLoad Split Mounting Boss

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