ReAct Sand Control Inflow Valve

Allow for the control of flow through a sand screen and the staged startup of production wells without the need for intervention

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ReAct™ sand control inflow valves are permanently installed, electronically actuated sleeve-type valves that allow for the control of flow through a sand screen. The onboard ReAct electronics require no connection to the surface. The valves may be programmed to function upon the expiry of a pre-determined ReAct time delay, or alternatively by using ReAct pressure recognition technology.

In addition, you may also utilize a combination of both the above methods. The valves are typically installed in a wellbore with isolation packers above and below to provide zonal control and isolation.

The React sand control inflow valve and a ReAct™ clean out valve (COV) can be deployed in tandem per production zone with differing programming, allowing selective cleanup and water shut off. This combination enables a sacrificial cleanup flow path through the COV while protecting the inflow valve’s closed flow path. The use of this technology has been proven to increase the productivity of less productive zones and the quality of well clean up, drainage, and overall recovery from the well.

ReAct sand control inflow valves are typically run in the closed position and will open once initiated. Each valve features two independent ReAct electronic modules, either of which can provide the device’s actuation. The ReAct electronics are easily programmed from a laptop computer.

The mechanical operation of the valve to the open or closed position is possible through the life of the well using wireline or coiled tubing operated shifting tools.

The ReAct sand control inflow valve uses the same field-proven ReAct technology currently available in products such as the clean out valve, electronic liner shoe, tracer deployment valve, and inflow valve.


  • Field-proven electronics
  • Delayed opening for up to 120 days
  • Defaults to mechanical sleeve
  • Utilizes existing wireline/intervention procedures when mechanically actuated
  • Large flow areas
  • Multiple valves in one well
  • Programmable fail-safe mode
  • Adaptable screen lengths / screen types
  • ICD/AICD technology can be incorporated
  • Dedicated chamber for the inclusion of tracer material for positive surface verification of zones contributing


  • Increased production due to better contribution from minor zones
  • Increased production from improved recovery
  • Increased production from subsequent water shut off
  • No hydraulic lines or cables from the surface required to function
  • Opens via a time delay or signal from surface


  • Delay startup of prolific zones
  • Isolate laterals to allow staged startup
  • Water shut off after startup
  • Test individual zones following or during startup
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ReAct Sand Control Inflow Valve render angle