Red Thread IIA Riser Pipe

The industry’s first corrosion-resistant fiberglass riser pipe.


Our Red Thread™ IIA riser pipe assembly was purpose-built to be durable, long-lasting, and compatible with tools that fit through a 4-in. Schedule 40 steel pipe.


  • Minimum wall thickness of 0.145 in.; more than twice the thickness of standard Red Thread IIA pipe
  • Inside diameter (ID) of 4.026 in.; identical to 4-in. Schedule 40 steel pipe
  • Total assembled length of approximately 68 in. when using standard 5-ft length of riser pipe


  • Corrosion-resistant FRP materials means no more stuck tools that do not fit through your riser
  • Compatible with ultra-low-sulfur diesel (ULSD) and all current fuels
  • The ID of the assembly is designed to accommodate most standard tools, such as drop tubes, fill tubes, and overfill prevention valves.
  • Assembled length designed to be ideal for a maximum tank burial of 7 ft below grade
  • Durable Red Thread IIA riser pipe uses significantly greater wall thickness to better withstand surface loading.
  • Red Thread riser adapters have thicker walls and are lengthened to accommodate the thicker walled Red Thread IIA riser pipe.
  • Both the pipe and adapters are made with the exact same materials used in our standard Red Thread IIA pipe.
  • Ideal for use on both steel and fiberglass tanks 
  • Approved for both direct-bury and use inside a sump
  • Pipe sized for application, making shipping easier and more cost effective
  • Pipe can be cut and tapered in the field using existing tools
  • Uses PSX-20 adhesive  
  • No pipe threading required as with metallic risers

Regulatory Acceptance

  • Red Thread™ IIA Riser Pipe is UL-971 listed in both the US and Canada
  • RP100 allows for the use of non-metallic Riser Pipe. See section 10.13 of the latest RP100 document from PEI for more information.

A standard assembly includes:

  • 1 qty 5-ft stick of 4-in. RTIIA riser pipe
  • 2 qty 4-in. riser pipe BxMN adapter
  • 1 qty PSX-20 adhesive kit

Recommended Tools

  • 2102/2102-I box tool
  • Strap wrench or chain wrench

Typical Applications

  • Tank Fill
  • Tank Vent
  • Spill Containers
  • Submersible Pumps
  • Sensor/Guages

Red Thread II Riser Pipe Specifications

Part Number  Description Box Minimum
012040-060-0 RTIIA RISER PIPE 4” PXP - 5’ 4 lengths/bundle
012040-240-0 RTIIA RISER PIPE 4” PXP – 20’ 4 lengths/bundle
011040-145-5 RTIIA RISER PIPE 4” PXP – 30’ 4 lengths/bundle
012040-191-9 RTIIA RISER PIPE ADAPTER 4” BXMN 8 adapters
  • Red Thread IIA (RTIIA) Riser Pipe Assembly Flyer

  • Red Thread IIA Riser Pipe Testing and Technical Guidance

Three fiberglass riser pipes installed on a fiberglass tank.
Fiberglass riser pipes installed on the top of a fiberglass tank on a job site.

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