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Two employees dressed in PPE looking closely at a jackup rig

Red Zone Manager

Strengthening personnel defense through real-time redzone monitoring

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With the Red Zone Manager™ is our latest development for strengthening your defensive protocol within the red zone. We use Salunda's Crew Hawk™ to track your workforce assets and provide an additional layer of awareness and alerts to your operational plan while working with our rig control solutions.

Crew Hawk is a wearable technology that identifies the location of rig floor personnel. Wearing the device in the red zone will trigger alarms. Crew Hawk integrates with our Red Zone Manager and into our Amphion™ or Cyberbase™ control systems. Alerts are also sent to Anti Collision and Zone Management, which can automatically stop movements to prevent collisions between equipment and rig floor personnel.

Built to complement existing automated technologies, Red Zone Manager helps to take care of the greatest assets – your people.

Crew Hawk is our preferred redzone management system.

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