ReliaTECH CT Power Sections

The TerraTECH line of coiled tubing tools is designed to withstand the harsh conditions BHAs are exposed to when reaching total depth in long laterals


Best-performing Coiled Tubing Power Section We’ve Ever Made

Our industry has significantly altered the fluid systems used in the completions process in the world's unconventional wellbores over the past 10 years. Additives like friction reducers and lubricants must be accounted for as they impact elastomer performance. As we extensively tested our TerraDRILL™ motors and TerraPULSE™ Agitator™ extended reach tools, we needed to make sure we adapted by raising the bar on power section performance and reliability.

ReliaTECH™ power sections were developed in part as a recognition that the downhole environment has changed. By re-engineering our facilities, workflows, processes and materials, we have closed the gap with our new ReliaTECH line of power sections. New bonding systems, new elastomers, higher-strength steel, and more stringent controls within our manufacturing have produced the best-performing product that we've ever made.

Extreme close up of a ReliaTECH CT power section
Inside shot of a ReliaTECH CT power section

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