Remedial and Stimulation Tools

Extends the production life of your well by providing a means to isolate, test, and stimulate reservoirs


Our portfolio of remedial and stimulation tools enables operators to extend the production life of a well by providing a means to isolate, test, and stimulate reservoirs, as well as to remediate wellbore problems that may occur in the life of the completion.

Designed for extended life and repeated deployment, our remedial service packers and retrievable bridge plugs provide a means to perform a variety of remedial operations, including zonal isolation, testing, stimulation, and casing repair.

Our cast iron products include bridge plugs and cement retainers used for remedial workover operations, as well as plug and abandonment operations. We provide these products with a variety of setting methods, including mechanical, hydraulic, and e-line deployment.

We provide a full range of products, as well as qualified service personnel to successfully meet your requirements for remedial, stimulation, or plug and abandonment products and services.

Our product offering

  • Retrievable service packers
  • Retrievable bridge plugs
  • Wireline set/retrievable bridge plugs
  • Storm packers and accessories
  • Drillable bridge plugs and cement retainers
  • Mechanical and hydraulic setting tools
  • N-32 Tension Set Service Packer Data Sheet

  • NHD Packer Data Sheet

  • NHTS High-Torque Service Packer

  • NSP Storm Packer Data Sheet

  • NSV Storm Valve Data Sheet

  • NTSU Retrievable Bridge Plug Data Sheet

  • NWR Retrievable Bridge Plug Data Sheet

  • NSTP Straddle Packer Data Sheet

  • NHST Hydraulic Setting Tool Data Sheet

  • Cast Iron Bridge Plug Data Sheet

  • Cast Iron Cement Retainer Data Sheet