Rig Data

Your Eyes Into Your Operations


Clarity is paramount in the intricate world of oil and gas rigs. Data is not just a valuable decision-making tool but also the eyes that provide drilling contractors and operators with a transparent view of their operations. Without this insight, you are navigating in the dark.

Managing diverse data sources and multiple formats is challenging. With Rig Data™, we aggregate all data sources on the drilling control network using DataVault™, providing an enhanced and comprehensive view of your rig's operational health, whether on location or remotely via the cloud.

Our secure and automated process logs, monitors, and transfers your data locally on the rig and to the cloud. Your equipment and applications' condition, performance, and utilization data are promptly accessible. Any disruption in data flow will trigger an automatic alert to rig personnel and our experts to ensure minimal downtime and help you resume normal operations quickly.

Rig Data is customizable and gives you secure and efficient access to real-time and historical data. With several subscription-based models to choose from, take full control of your data your way.

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