EDR | Electronic Drilling Recorder | RigSense 4.0

Access critical rig data with our flexible, easy-to-use electronic drilling recorder.


Not your average EDR

The RigSense™ 4.0 electronic drilling recorder (EDR) reaches far beyond basic instrumentation with its ruggedized touchscreen displays and integrated applications running at the edge. As the primary visualization source throughout the wellsite, whether accessed from the hopper, command center, or driller’s cabin, rig personnel can configure screens based on their responsibilities and preferences.

Built with rig operations in mind, EDR’s robust feature sets include visual and audible alarms, chat messaging, WYSIWYG inputs for reporting, and dedicated screens for specific activities, such as trip tracking.

Part of NOV’s Max platform™, integrated and partner applications leverage these system features, providing extended capabilities to the wellsite without adding more monitors in already crowded spaces.

When used in conjunction with Remote Drilling Monitoring (RDM), EDR allows you to collaborate seamlessly with remote personnel, and benefit from the same toolkit and single version of the truth to share insights in real time.

Features  and Benefits

  • Personalize screens and share profiles
  • Unlimited channels at 1-second resolution
  • Enhance safety with visual and audible configurable alarms
  • Proactively look ahead for potential trouble spots
  • Real-time visibility of well placement
  • Create or import calculated channels
  • Chat messaging
  • Monitor fluid gains and losses with Trip Tracking
  • Extend capabilities with Max Partner or integrated applications
  • RigSense Electronic Drilling Recorder Flyer

  • RigSense enables 99% uptime (Case study)

  • Connect Rigsite Data Aggregation System

Max Ready™!

Max Ready products are fully compatible with our Max digital ecosystem, meaning they're designed to make your data easy to consume, manage, and act upon.

The Max digital ecosystem reframes the way you look at data and allows you to aggregate and derive real meaning from an otherwise overwhelming volume of data. You can capture, contextualize, analyze, transform, and visualize your data in real time, at high speed, at the edge and in the cloud all within Max.

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Unparalleled 24/7 Global Support

Backed by our experts in the field and in the office with 24/7 support, you can count on us to deliver your data securely — where, when and how you need it. Contact us at [email protected] or 1 (844) 638-6826.

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