A RigSense electronic interface in a driller's cabin

RigSense Rig Site Information System

Access critical rig data with our flexible, easy-to-use electronic drilling recorder.

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Our M/D Totco™ RigSense™ rig data information system reaches far beyond today’s leading oil and gas instrumentation as an electronic drilling recorder with flexible touchscreen interfaces and multifunction displays. On-the-fly unit conversions make RigSense a globally ready product for any customer anywhere.

RigSense addresses the need to collect, archive, and distribute real-time rig data for drilling and well construction operations. As much more than just a drill floor monitor, it allows drillers to configure screens to display drilling information that best suits their needs. Data can be viewed numerically and/or in graphs. Alarm conditions can be set and are indicated by readily identifiable yellow and red backgrounds along with audible alarms. Alarm parameters are easily modified for changing conditions and rig activity, allowing drillers to proactively manage the drilling process before problems occur. Along with standard instrumentation screens, RigSense also includes an integrated kick monitoring display, IADC reporting, directional drilling, and survey management tool set.

Add-on features include:

Features and Benefits

  • EDR system plots by time and depth
  • PVT delivers vital mud and flow information
  • Scalable channel configuration that supports thousands of channels
  • Customizable screens
  • Live off-site rig data viewing and messaging
  • Modifiable alarm conditions
  • Integration with NOV controls (NOVOS, Amphion)
  • Industry standard protocols for sharing data at the rig site
  • Toolface directional survey capability
  • Offset gamma plotting
  • Rate of penetration gas log
  • IADC approved report
  • Unit and language conversion
  • RigSense Rigsite Information System Flyer
  • RigSense enables 99% uptime (Case study)
  • RigSense Kick Monitoring Display Flyer
  • Connect Rigsite Data Aggregation System
  • cerT&D Real-Time Torque and Drag Data System Flyer
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