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Rock Salt Trailer

Our Wilco rock salt trailer is designed for boosting fluids and mixing rock salt or other additives.

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Our Wilco™ custom-built bumper pull combo trailer is designed for boosting fluids and mixing rock salt or other additives.

The Wilco water booster/rock salt mixer combo trailer unit is a 20-ft custom bumper pull trailer with dual 8,000-lb axles with oil bath lubrication and electric brakes. The trailer unit can be pulled with a Class V hitch with a 25/16-in. ball. A Cummins air-cooled diesel power unit with a 50-gallon fuel tank is rated for 10 hours of operation at full load.

The Cummins engine powers two independent MISSION™ centrifugal pumps through a hydraulic system. The MISSION pumps are each rated for a flow rate upwards of 400 gal/min, but they can be independently slowed down through hydraulic flow control valves. One centrifugal pump is a full-time water booster pump, while the other is for circulating water and salt through the mix tank during the blending process and then discharging the blend to the field. The manifold is 4- and 5-in. diameter piping with stainless-disc butterfly valves. Atop the trailer unit is a 10-bbl capacity open-top tank with an attached sack cutter table. A platform makes adding salt into to the mix tank easy.

At the back of the trailer are six 4-in. ports for hookup in the field: two each for the freshwater supply, freshwater discharge, and saltwater discharge. Additionally, there is an additive port on the freshwater supply. Secured to the trailer are ten 18-ft hoses with hose-end unions.

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