Rottweiler Frac Plugs

Achieve fast mill-out for plug-and-perf multistage fracturing with less debris to remove from the well with our Rottweiler frac plugs.

Render of Rottweiler Frac Plugs
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Our Rottweiler™ frac plugs are designed for plug-and-perf multistage fracturing wellbores. The large ID increases flow and reduces the risk of bridging, while the design provides fast mill-out with less debris to remove from the well.

Though the shortest frac plugs on the market, they still offer optimum performance during fracturing operations. Rottweiler frac plugs are compact and large in bore, and they can be pumped in at high displacement rates, hold high differential pressure, and are easily milled. Additionally, Rottweiler frac plugs are the only products to offer a built-in chemical tracer that provides real-time data on reservoir characteristics during frac jobs to enhance production. Rottweiler frac plugs are currently available in fully composite or in composite with metal slips.


Rottweiler M Frac Plug

  • Compact design
  • Minimal setting force to pack-off element
  • Robust single-slip design
  • Ball lands inside plug

Rottweiler C Frac Plug

  • Minimal setting force
  • Robust single-slip design
  • Short length and large bore reduce the pressure drop through tool
  • Cast-iron construction reduces mill time if required
  • Dissolvable ball technology used in conjunction with the Rottweiler plug


Rottweiler M Frac Plug

  • Excellent mill times and reduced debris
  • Reliable seal during high differential stimulations
  • Even slip distribution during setting operations, secure in high-pressure applications, and reduced spinning during mill-up
  • No interference from frac ball during milling operations

Rottweiler C Frac Plug

  • Eliminates the need for milling where coiled tubing may be ineffective
  • Production is largely unaffected by the plug’s minimal pressure drop through large ID and compact length
  • Run-in and set in the same manner as traditional composite plugs; requires no change to your completion operation

Rottweiler Frac Plug Specifications

Casing size 5.5 in. (139.7 mm)
Weight range 20 lb/ft 23 lb/ft
Max. OD 4.500 in. (114.3 mm) 4.375 in. (111.13 mm)
Min. ID 3.25 in. (82.55 mm)
Length run in/set 22.86 in. (580.64 mm)
Temperature rating 300 °F (148 °C)
Pressure rating 10,000 psi (68,947 kPa)
  • Rottweiler C Composite Frac Plug Data Sheet
  • Rottweiler CM Composite Frac Plug Data Sheet

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