Safety Flow Diverter and Cable Clamp

Enhanced worksite safety during stranded cable repairs.


Easy and reliable solution for increased protection.

Mitigate risk and enhance the safety factor with the easy to rig up and reliable Elmar™ safety flow diverter and cable clamp.  

With an integral 60-ft bleed-off valve and hose assembly to divert leaked fluid to a safe area, our safety flow diverter provides an additional protection measure to personnel during stranded cable repairs around the wellhead. Its compact assembly incorporates a cable clamp for convenience, preventing tool loss and ensuring wireline seal stability. 

Installed on top of the wireline valve with the cable in the wellbore, the diverter consists of either slotted or split components, allowing mounting without cutting the cable.  

When the wireline valve is closed on a cable and the lubricator removed, the safety flow diverter provides a manual packing around the cable to manage and divert any residual leakage through the wireline valve, diverting the leaked fluid through a bleed-off hose.  

Available to suit all industry-standard quick unions and rated 5,000-, 10,000-, and 15,000-psi working pressure, H2S or standard service, the diverter is third-party certified and incorporates brass clamping elements to prevent cable damage. 

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Safety Flow Diverter Valve
Lightweight String with Safety Flow Diverter Valve

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