SB Muncher

Time and time again, our Munchers prove to be the most economical solution to a problem many of our customers previously thought difficult to solve.


Designed as an effective sewage grinder and to replace high-speed macerators, the SB Muncher can save up to 85% of the energy requirements of a centrifugal force system. Typically, it has a cutting tip speed 90% less than a high-speed macerator system and also much lower vibration and noise levels.

Being of a compact size for the smaller-capacity flows, the unit operates as an independent unit for open-channel or pipeline configuration. When combined with our transfer pump, the package provides a highly efficient sewage pumping system.


  • ETOS cutters offer positive and effective solids maceration
  • Cantilever shaft design with no bottom bearings or seals to minimize maintenance costs
  • Low cutter tip speeds ensure power is not wasted in water horsepower and abrasive wear rates are minimized
  • Low speed also results in lower noise and vibration levels
  • One-piece cutter/box bearing housing to provide a simple, compact construction
  • 3-year warranty on raw sewage applications for pipeline units
  • Each muncher is supplied with a programmable logic controller (PLC) to protect the machine against damage and overloads
  • Munchers can be supplied to comply with the ATEX Directive 94/9/EC
  • SB Muncher Data Sheet (English)