SB Side Entry Agitator

A horizontal shaft swivel, coupled with advanced seal technology, provides uniform blending and easy maintenance.


SB Side Entry Agitators offer the same ruggedness, dependability, and simplicity of design found in our other high-quality turbine agitators and mixers. The SB agitator is a belt-driven unit with features engineered for side entry.

The SB agitator works efficiently when a tank is too large for convenient installation of a top-entering agitator or where headroom is severely limited. Supporting a top-entering agitator on a large tank is often far more expensive than the installation of a side-entering agitator. Long shafts on extremely tall tanks can be eliminated for cost savings and design simplicity. For large tank installations, several smaller side-entering agitators may be more efficient and economical than a single, larger unit.

The SB agitator is available in three standard sizes from 10 to 75 hp (7.5 to 55 kw). The range of power selections and seal options, combined with accurately sized impellers, means there is an SB agitator available for nearly every standard application. Consider SB Side Entry Agitators for process applications involving continuous blending, especially in large storage tanks and oil applications, heat transfer, mass transfer, or solids suspension.

Belt-Driven Design

The SB belt design includes synchronous sprockets and belts. These components deliver the torque required by the impeller The SB drive bearings which are located in the mechanical seal cartridge and near the belt sprocket to provide support for the shaft. The seal bearing minimizes shaft deflection in the seal area to improve seal performance and life. 

The SB swivel option provides a 30°side-to-side movement of the drive and impeller system to provide full tank control in solids applications, such as Basic Sediment and Water (BS&W). The swivel angle can be manually or automatically adjusted.

Motor Types and Mounting

For installation flexibility and easy mounting, the SB Agitator is compatible with standard foot-mounted electric motors ranging from 10 to 75 hp (7.5 to 55 kw). The motors are easy to mount and align to the motor-mounting structure and to the belt-drive system.

Rugged Steel Construction

Drive housings, support pedestals, bearing housings, and flanges are cast from high strength steel which are then machined using high-tech Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machining equipment. Each component must then pass a quality inspection on a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) prior to assembly. Catalyzed, polyurethane exterior finishes protect against corrosion in both indoor and outdoor operating environments.

Single or Dual Piece Shafts

Either a single or dual piece shaft are options for the SB agitator. A split coupling with the dual shaft options allows easy seal maintenance without requirement to remove the outboard bearing or to dissemble the belt-drive system. Shafts are available in 316ss and carbon steel as standard as well as options for high-alloy material to meet special requirements.

Tank Shut-Off System

A retracting mechanism and metal-to-metal seal shut-off are standard on all SB Agitators. This permits the replacement of cartridge mechanical seals without emptying the tank.

The mechanical seal shut-off is engaged when the retraction bolt pushes the shaft shut-off collar into the flange housing. Tight metal-to-metal contact enables seal shut-off, and a seal-leak indicator is standard. Thus, the shut-off can be checked before fully removing the seal. The shut-off supports the shaft during the seal change procedure.

Sealing Technology

The seals consist of standard John Crane, Flowserve, or AES elastomeric bellows seals. The seals are mounted in the seal housing with a bearing to reduce shaft deflections. A wide variety of material options are available to meet your process requirements.  

Impeller Technology

The standard impeller is the Chemineer HE-3s impeller designed to produce high flow at low shear rates to provide efficient agitation in your system. The HE-3s is designed for side entry service to produce high flow per unit of energy input. Impeller material is available in 316ss or carbon steel as standard. Optional high-alloy material is available as required.

  • SB Side Entry Mixer Brochure

  • Mixing Product Catalog

  • IO&M Manual 640.01: SB Side Entry Mixer

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