Scorpion Connectors

The latest in our compact class of connectors, Scorpion provides robust strength and proven sealability in deep onshore wells and shallow-water offshore wells.


Our Scorpion connector is a slim-design, large-diameter, threaded, weld-on connector with superior tested performance. Designed for land applications and shallow-water, low-profile offshore wells, the Scorpion connector has a reliable internal, elastomeric O-ring seal for providing 100% internal and external pressure rating. This connector is an economical alternative that provides over 100% pipe body ratings in tension, compression, and bending with its optimized bore design. Faster installation saves significant time, with the 1-ST option making-up in 1.68 turns and the 3-ST option making-up in 0.56 turns.

The unique alignment guides and hooked threadform allow for deep stabbing, self-aligning, and flawless makeup every time. The exceptional O-ring design provides internal and external pressure sealability beyond 100% of pipe body, and the stress distribution grooves near the critical cross-sections reduce peak stresses to optimize performance capacities.


  • Hooked threadform
  • Internal primary O-ring seal
  • Alignment guides
  • Slim OD/ID design
  • Integral lift shoulder
  • Stress redistribution grooves
  • Reliable performance under loading conditions
  • Qualified to API 5C5 CAL I (liquid) requirements
  • Scorpion Connectors Data Sheet

  • Scorpion Connectors Product Summary Flyer

A closeup of two XL Systems large diameter Scorpion Connector displayed upright and on side

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