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Screw Conveyor Systems

The BRANDT screw conveyor offers a simple way to transport drilled solids.

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Screw conveyors are typically used to transport drilled cuttings from the shale shaker area to a discharge port, skip, or to secondary processing equipment. FluidControl screw conveyors are available with e-stop kill switches as well as grab lines, which stop the unit in the event of an emergency. A variable-speed drive controls the rate of conveyance. The tops of the units are fitted with expanded metal covers for feed areas and solid covers for non-feed areas.

Screw conveyors are available in the following typical configurations:

  • 16 in. (406.4 mm)
    • 20-hp (14.9-kW) main drive
    • Forward and reverse motion
    • 307 t/hr
  • 14 in. (355.6 mm)
    • 10-hp (7.5-kW) main drive
    • Forward and reverse motion
    • 205 t/hr
  • 12 in. (304.8 mm)
    • 10-hp (7.5-kW) main drive
    • Forward and reverse motion
    • 126 t/hr

Screw conveyor size and horsepower requirements will vary depending on the length of the run, bit size, rate of penetration, and flow rate. Additional sizes are available upon request. Please contact your BRANDT™ representative for more details.

  • BRANDT Screw Conveyor Systems Flyer (English)
  • BRANDT Screw Conveyor Systems Flyer (Spanish)