SEA-1250 Jackup Boat Crane

SEA-1250 Jack-up

Entry level Workhorse

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The SEA series are multi-purpose jack-up barges, used for civil construction works. They are specifically designed and built to operate in moderate and harsh environments.

The SEA-1250 is intended for use in water depth up to 30 m in a benign environment and has a leg length under the hull of 52 m. These units are characterized by optimized variable load, deck area, and flexibility for adding all types of mission equipment.

The SEA-1250 is ideally suited for Civil construction works on for example jetties, quay walls or other near-shore works in shallow water areas.


  • Safe, solid and stable platform
  • Designed for survival
  • Robust & positive engagement jacking system
  • Easy controls for fast jacking onsite
  • High number of jacking moves
  • Large free deck space
  • Built-in redundancy

The SEA series can be fully customized to owner’s specific requirements


Main characteristics

Hull length

46.5 m

Hull width 30.3 m
Free deck space up to 1,000 m2
Overall leg length 65.0 m
Leg length under hull (max.) ± 52 m
Variable load (max.) up to 1,200 t
Water depth 30.0 m
Accommodation up to 5 PoB
Main crane 300 t at 18 m

SEA-1250 Offshore Windmill installation
SEA-1250 Offshore Wind Turbine Installation
SEA-1250 Jackup Boat Shipyard
SEA-1250 Jack-up in Shipyard
Sea Installer Challenger at Borssele offshore wind farm

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