SEA-2000 Jack-up

Safe, Solid, and Stable Platform, Year-Round Operations


Wind Maintenance and Field Lifecycle

The SEA series are multi-purpose jack-up barges, used for offshore support and maintenance, and civil construction works. They are specifically designed and built to operate in moderate and harsh environments.

The SEA-2000 is intended for use in water depth up to 30 m in a North Sea type rough environment, up to 40 m in a moderate environment, and has a leg length under the hull of max. 63.7 m. The four legs and the diagonal preloading allow for easy, fast, and secure jacking and preloading operations. The units are characterized by optimized variable load, deck area, and flexibility for adding all types of mission equipment.

The SEA-2000 is a medium to large-sized, multipurpose jack-up. It can be equipped with a pedestal crane of up to 400 t. It offers a large open deck space for temporary auxiliary equipment or accommodation blocks for up to 150 POB. The unit is suitable for wind turbine support works in the mid-water depth range and installation works for the smaller turbines.


  • Four legs and diagonal pre-loading for easy and fast installation onsite
  • Designed for survival
  • Large free deck space
  • Modern accommodation layout
  • Robust positive engagement (pin-in-hole) hydraulic jacking system
  • Secure and controlled Jacking and Preloading
  • High number of jacking moves
  • Build-in redundancy
  • Optimized variable load
  • The SEA series can be fully customized to owner’s specific requirements

Main characteristics

Hull length

55.5 m

Hull width 32.2 m
Free deck space
Overall leg length 78.9 m
Leg length under hull (max.) 64.0 m
Variable load (max.) 1,000 t
Water depth 40.0 m
Accommodation up to 64 PoB
Main crane 400 t at 16.5 m

SEA-2000 Jackup Boat Render
SEA-2000 Jack-up Render
SEA-2000 Goliath Jackup Boat
SEA-2000 Goliath Jack-up
SEA-2000 Aerial Render Jackup Boat
SEA-2000 Aerial Render Jack-up
SEA-2000 Jackup Boat Sunset
SEA-2000 Jack-up at Sunset
SEA-2000 JB117 Borwin Beta Alpha
SEA-2000 JB117 Borwin Beta Alpha
SEA-2000 Skeyes Offshore Windmill installation
SEA-2000 Skeyes Offshore Wind Turbine Maintenance

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