Seabox Subsea Water Treatment Technology

Optimize oilfield recovery by disinfecting raw seawater and settling suspended solids at the seabed, tailoring water quality to your reservoir needs.


We have the technology and know-how to provide full process solutions from incoming wellstream fluid through to export. Whether a topside, subsea, or a hybrid combination system, our water management solutions cover the life of a development. From concept to greenfield to brownfield, our solutions can optimize existing facilities or extend field life. With expertise in produced water and seawater treatment, we understand the process flow detail and develop the optimal solution for the end user.

The purpose of subsea seawater treatment

Subsea water treatment can serve different types of applications. Typically, our oil and gas industry customers are interested in using the treated water for water injection purposes to optimize recovery from oil reservoirs.

Our Seabox™ subsea water treatment technology and SWIT™ ultrafiltration and membrane system are world firsts with pioneering technology that increase oil recovery. Both technologies have been awarded OTC’s Spotlight on New Technology Award Seabox received the award in 2018, and the SWIT facility was awarded in 2020.

The subsea water treatment system consists of different stages, with each stage having different processing purposes. The general system function, outcome, and impact on the typical reservoir is outlined in the specifications tab. 


  • Independent, standalone, and easy add-on solutions
  • Flexible timing of water treatment phasing
  • Superior water disinfection at the point of usage
  • Improved reservoir sweep efficiency
  • Zero hazardous discharge

Seabox Technical Specifications

Module description Main Function Outcome Reservoir Impact
Seabox Disinfection through chlorination via a two-staged electrolysis pro-cess and particle sedi-mentation
  • Bacteria control
  • Suspended particle reduction
  • Reduces souring potential
  • Injectivity control
Ultrafiltration Absolute filtration Suspended particle removal down to 0.1 µm Injectivity control
Feed pump Overcoming differential pressure in downstream membrane module Elevated pressure N/A
Nanomembrane Sulphate removal (change in chemical composition) Dissolved solids reduction – low sulphate water
  • Avoids scale for-mation
  • Further re-duces sour-ing poten-tial
Reverse osmosis membrane Salt removal (change in chemical composition) Dissolved solids reduction – low salinity water Enhances oil recovery through altered wettability proper-ties
  • Seabox Brochure

  • Seabox Case Study Improve tieback field economics with subsea water injection

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