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Seawater Treatment crane loading module

Seawater Treatment

We have been the market leading supplier of seawater treatment technologies for over 30 years and can provide tailored solutions to suit any project.

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As one of the original licensors for sulfate removal membrane technologies, we have the experience and capability to support our customers through the whole project life cycle. From the initial concept design through to construction, commissioning, and operation.

Our experience includes delivering projects across the globe to installations in Brazil, Gulf of Mexico, North Sea, and Africa. We understand the challenges with equipment design and operation, enabling us to have a non-biased approach to technology selection.

We have a flexible execution model to suit the customer and project requirements such as local content restrictions. We can provide equipment only, skid-based solutions, or fully integrated modules fabricated internally at our Profab facility or externally.

Our skills in conjunction with our Fiber Glass Systems business unit can offer cost efficient, corrosion resistant, and lightweight pressure vessel, piping, and structural solutions utilizing fiberglass.

Our Brownfield Solutions can provide operational support, troubleshooting, and modifications. We have developed a digital platform, the Process Intelligence Manager, which includes unique machine learning features keeping us connected to the technology during operation. The tool facilitates remote troubleshooting and maintenance recommendations which help reduce OPEX and increase uptime.

Our products include:

  • Coarse filtration
  • Cartridge filters, media filtration, or ultrafiltration
  • Sulfate removal using nanofiltration
  • Deoxygenation (vacuum tower, compact stripping, membrane deaeration)
  • Desalination using reverse osmosis
  • Water-injection pumping systems

Seawater Treatment Specifications

Technology Product Specification
Coarse Filtration Removal of 98% of particles >25 to 500 microns
Multimedia Filtration Removal of 98% of particles >2 to 10 microns
Cartridge Filtration  Removal of 98% of particles >2 to 10 microns
Ultrafiltration Removal of 99% of particles >0.1 micron
Sulfate Removal Permeate sulphate concentration 20 to 100 mg/l
Deoxygenation Removal of oxygen down to 1 to 20 ppb
Desalination Removal of salinity down to 500 to 10,000 mg/l
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  • Seawater Treatment Unit Training Flyer
Ultrafiltration skid
Ultrafiltration skid
Sulphate removal unit
Sulphate removal unit

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