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A Hydraulic Self-Contained Shut Down System in a harsh environment

Self-Contained Surface Safety Shutdown System

Achieve surface safety protection using our range of self-contained hydraulic shutdown valves and control systems.

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The hydraulic self-contained safety system (HSCSS) is a highly reliable control system for shutdown valves (SDV) or surface safety valves (SSV). The low-cost HSCSS is designed specifically for remote locations where external power sources are not available. However, it functions equally well in all applications requiring a basic shutdown system such as wellhead Christmas trees and pipelines.

The standard system features high- and low-pressure shutdown functions, a high-temperature shutdown function (fusible element), and an emergency shutdown (ESD) function. Control of the subsurface safety valve is an optional feature available with all models. These original designs for our highly reliable systems come from our Axelson™ product portfolio.

This system is completely self contained and only requires that the operator manually pressurize the hydraulic system to put the safety system in service, opening the valve and arming the high-flow  hydraulic pressure sensors.

When the system is put in service, the valve remains open until an event triggers the shutdown sequence. The shutdown sequence ends with the actuator failing to the safe position.


  • Fusible plug rated for 281 °F
  • High/low pilot shutdown
  • Manual dump valve
  • Emergency shutdown
  • PSV protection
  • Test connection
  • Process gauge
  • Hydraulic reservoir in 316 stainless steel
  • First-out indication available
  • Optional cover
  • Hydraulic Self Contained Shutdown System Flyer
  • Hydraulic Self Contained Shutdown System Flyer (Spanish)
  • Surface Safety Products Catalog

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